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Embry Legal is a Consumer Law firm representing consumers in lemon law, auto fraud, debt defense, wrongful repossession, wrongful home foreclosures, predatory lending and more. We also handle some contract,civil and family law matters. Our mission is to help good people recover from bad business.  We fight for and help people recover from unfair business practices. If you have been impacted by any of these issues, schedule a consultation with us today.

“Fair Representation”


“Unafraid of Big Business”

We can help you fight back, the first step begins with a consultation.Consultation fees are credited to you if you choose to retain us. Depending on the case type, there may be no upfront costs for you. We are one of the few consumer based law firms in the State of Georgia and we want to help you.


Lemon Law

We'll help you with your lemon case

Wrongful Repossession

Cars taken illegally


Debt Defense

Negotiation or Disputes


Consumer Cases

We handle other types of Consumer Cases

What Our Clients Say


There is no other attorney that will work as hard for you. Embry Legal does an excellent job fighting for you and your interests!

M. Willis



Maya Guntz


I highly recommend Embry Legal. I had a case that no one else would take or could take. She was the only lawyer I found after calling multiple lawyers to take my case. She listened to me and understood my problem from the very beginning. She handled it and my case settled for more than I wanted. I was very pleased with my experience and would use her again in the future

Lisa Wallace

Every Case is Important to Us.

Committed to Helping Our Clients Succeed.

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